Corporate Structure

50-50 partnership can be a very bad idea

A business with equal 50/50 partners is a unique relationship. While the profits and losses are divided evenly in a straight 50/50 partnership, so are the voting rights. Thus, neither partner can do anything without […]

Corporate Structure

What are the Ongoing Fees for an LLC?

Early-stage entrepreneurs are rightly concerned with how much an LLC will cost to set up. They’re also usually curious about how much it will take to maintain the LLC from year to year. After all, […]

Corporate Structure

Member-Managed LLC vs. Manager-Managed LLC

When forming your LLC, your lawyer may ask you whether you want the entity managed by members or managers. To which you’re likely to reply, “What’s the difference?” A member-managed LLC is the simplest arrangement, […]

Business Considerations

Can I Convert an LLC to a Corporation?

Many entrepreneurs find that their business outgrows its original structure (or perhaps grows in a different direction). One common example is LLCs that approach outside investors for funding: many times, the investors will require that […]

Corporate Structure

Advantages of a C Corp

For some reason, many entrepreneurs decide early on that they want to form either an LLC or an S-corp. And for many new businesses, one of these two options may make the most sense: they […]

Corporate Structure

Should I be an S Corp?

As an entrepreneur starting your business, you may be hearing a lot of buzz about the “S-corp.” A basic corporation is often referred to as a “C-corp”; an S-corp is simply a C-corp that elects […]