Corporate Structure

Member-Managed LLC vs. Manager-Managed LLC

When forming your LLC, your lawyer may ask you whether you want the entity managed by members or managers. To which you’re likely to reply, “What’s the difference?” A member-managed LLC is the simplest arrangement, […]

Business Considerations

Can I Convert an LLC to a Corporation?

Many entrepreneurs find that their business outgrows its original structure (or perhaps grows in a different direction). One common example is LLCs that approach outside investors for funding: many times, the investors will require that […]

Corporate Structure

Advantages of a C Corp

For some reason, many entrepreneurs decide early on that they want to form either an LLC or an S-corp. And for many new businesses, one of these two options may make the most sense: they […]

Corporate Structure

Should I be an S Corp?

As an entrepreneur starting your business, you may be hearing a lot of buzz about the “S-corp.” A basic corporation is often referred to as a “C-corp”; an S-corp is simply a C-corp that elects […]